Joes are sniping!

With both a gun and a shield, the Sniper Joes are ready for the battlefield! Just look at the dedication in his eye!

The Sniper Joe is the first enemy to be added. Making him shoot was very simple, as he will only shoot forward, and the script for the bullet was copied from the Player Shot. The guard was a bit more complex at first, but in the end, if he is guarding, Joe checks the angle at which he was hit. If he's shot from behind, he gets hurt. Finally, the script for chasing the player had to be made. There is no single right approach for this, so it was kept simple. Joe will rotate towards the player as he moves, and when he's within the player's range, he will stop and shoot. If there is an obstacle in his path, he will jump. If he jumps 3 times and is still not over the obstacle, he will give up.