Mets get armed and ready!

The little Mets really like you, and they may chase you to get a hug. Sure, they lack the hands to do so, but their heart is in the right place! That is, until they shoot you in point blank and then shield themselves from harm. Mysterious little creatures~ But really, look at this little stride!  <3

Adding the Mets to the game was fairly simple. First of all, the model had to be made. This was easy by itself, as the met is pretty simple and only took 3 bones to animate.
After that, its only moves it has are approaching the player and shooting. The chasing script was shamelessly copied from the Sniper Joe script and slightly simplified. Shooting is very simple, but it's customizable enough to spice up the Mets once they get old. It gives them an adjustable shooting angle and number of shots, and allows them to shoot multiple times before hiding again.

Check out its surprise attack below!